DREAM Act Drama: We Shouldn't Deport People Like Hector Lopez


Ughh- so fed up! This law should at least be voted on!!!!! Dang stupid Republicans.
Dude, FUCK that. Hector is the shit. I can't believe they fucking deported him. What the hell. This is fucking ridiculous.
Shame on America!
Was Hector Lopez deported alone? Was he and his whole family deported together? Why wasn't this mentioned in the article?
What difference would that make? This country is all this guy has ever known. This is a travesty. These a people we're talking about.
This is ridiculous!!! why would the government allow something like this to happen. He deserves to be back to what he proudly calls his country
@Everyone above - this happened because that's the way the laws are written. The immigration enforcement people don't write the laws - they just follow the ones on the books. They do what they're told, and WE told them to do it this way. If you think this is a dumb way to do things - have you tried to get the law changed? Did you vote when the current law was proposed? Have you written your representative? Why are you all yelling? Who are you blaming?
Why isn't anyone, as they blame the repubs for defeating the repeal of DADT, noting that there was immigration stuff tucked in there. There is not a republican candidate in the country who can hope to be re-elected if they were on record of supporting a illegal immigration, no matter how sympathetic the individual's plight.

What this tells me is the the democrats never wanted DADT passed so they put the immigration stuff in to make sure that it would fail and then they could point the finger. Kind of ingenious, actually. There's a whole lot of having your cake (staying anti-gay) and eating it too (looking pro-gay) going on in the grand democratic party.
75% of illegals working in the USA are using stolen social security numbers. This is a felony! Without concern for the damage they do to the rightful holder of the social security number. Only caring for his or her's selfish monetary gain. The parents are at fault, colleges in Mexico are excepting applications.
@ throwrocks...your statistics came from the moon...75% of illegals? I smell a Republican. Most illegals are even afraid to even put money in the bank. Now stop trying to divert the attention that should be given to this crucial situtation, to you and your twisted lies. BYE
Seriously grow up and stop thinking that this country is not made of immigrants because it was and it will always be. OH and STOP blaming it on the Mexicans only! Seriously, there are so many different races that the ignorant people confuse as Mexican , when they are really Latin-American. So stop being racist!