Yeah we don't need jobs here....
Walmart pays so poorly that the jobs they provide actually cost a city money. The city ends up providing far more social services to a Wal Mart employee than it gains revenue through their employment. There are in fact some jobs we just don't need here.
Pretty mis-leading to say that Target was doing anti-gay politicking. They happened to give money to a candidate with anti-gay positions on issues based on his economic positions on other issues. It's not like Target gave money to an anti-gay organization or has anti-gay policies itself. No candidates out there are perfect and unfortunately businesses have to involve themselves in politics because politicians see fit to involve themselves in businesses.
I more or less assume that most businesses are run by evil republicans anyhow.

BTW Enough with all the this crazy said this about 'Mos. There's like four posts today. I am one and I'm sick of it.
Yeah cause nothing says urban renewal like bringing in cookie cutter big-box stores.
Really? We really want to bring in Target? Why? For all those sweet, high-payin' big box jobs that everyone wants? Or to hurt more local businesses? Walmart and Target are, forr all real purposes, the exact same.
You can only play the homophobia card for that Jasun Wurster fuck who tried to recall Sam Adams. Come on you all got my back here... while Adam's continue to stabs you in yours.
Would Sam block an Islamic community center because they are against same sex marriage?
How about an Islamic community center that doesn't allow Jews in?
That building Target is looking at is about the right size for an Islamic community center and Portland sure could use one.
There is a Muslim Community Center - it's a small one, but it's conveniently located next to the big new Planned Parenthood on NE MLK - the perfect place to watch teabaggers' heads explode.

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