TBA: The Aftermath


@ Alison: While I didn't hear a solitary soul say a single word about TBA outside of the Mercury this year, that's no different than any other year. My only exposure was to the sold-out-every-night Mike Daisey show, which I wouldn't have known about or considered attending without your posts on the subject.

I'd say you're right on with the assessment, judging by the tone of all of the reviews. Sounds like there were a few flashes of great surrounded by 75% meh.

Finally, just because something doesn't receive a ton of comments doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile.
"Finally, just because something doesn't receive a ton of comments doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile."
Dammit Abusive, you're ruining my sarcastic in-joke.
I was fortunate and saw many of the performances for free. For the most part excellent shows--Dayna Hanson's production was the only one I felt didn't deserve to be there.

On the other hand nothing felt very challenging. The Poles were loud, the Beckett was long, Maria Hassabi was obscure; all resolved into pleasant beautiful well-made performances disconnected from the world outside. Masques at Versailles. Emily Johnson's touching meditation on home--what about the homeless? Daisey's activism, "Don't buy thousand-dollar toys without thinking about the people who make them." Who cares?

Finally, a journalist crying for scandal is like a prostitute complaining no one's horny. Maybe you should spend less time in the beer garden if you're not finding stories there.
This was my first year where I didn't pull a CC and go to the one vaguely accessible show on the roster. It was interesting, but as you said, not particularly illuminating. I felt like the fest kept oscillating between slapstick and inscrutability, and while I sure don't mind watching fetching actors naval gaze a bit, there wasn't much takeaway. The one show with a strongly articulated message (Daisey's) was the only one I got into an argument about, and I hadn't even seen it.

If they want blood in the streets next year (IE the feisty community of semi-cultured hate-fucking you describe) they're going to have to pick some shows that people connect with better.

@CC Comment volume is the only measure of a man. There, I said it.
@ atomic: that makes me one of the largest men on Biebertown, I reckon.
Oh, I didn't intend to imply that a post's worth is defined by how many comments it gets. I, uh, do not believe that to be the case. Just that in the past, people have been more eager to discuss and debate the merits of various shows, online and off, and that discussion is one measure of audience engagement.
@sexmachinealpha: Maybe your anti-beer garden stance is what's leading you to all those grumpy prostitutes.
@atomic: How are you so bad at processing my insulting simile? Did your parents not read to you as a child? Have you not kept current with great literature like Don Delilo? I love beergardens! I love empowered sexy women who exchange pleasure for commodities while retaining their humanity and sense of self!

What I hate is journalists who complain that no one is reacting to their articles. "Why does no one care about this important news?" Fool! Run the dishwasher if you don't like looking at empty cupboards.

That's a metaphor! Is that one too complicated for you too?
@ sexmachinealpha: Atomic's parents must have given him SIMI-LACK, amiriteofcourseimrite