White Kids in the Middle East


Trolling based on Rachel Corrie's death has gotten boring. The only notable thing about her death is that she's white. Otherwise, the utter mundanity of what transpired leads to a political ennui.
I was in a Women's Studies program at Evergreen with Rachel. She was a nice young lady.

@Graham: You're a jerk.
@catandbeard: Lots of nice people are killed by the IDF. What makes Rachel Corrie any more noteworthy than those other nice people killed by the Zionists?
Hmm. Person travels 7,000 miles to be personally engaged with a conflict her own country is deeply involved in, only to be killed by an aggressive action.

If that’s not news in her home community then… wait, of course that’s news. Graham’s a troll!
I sometimes snicker when White People Try to Do Something. But then I realize I'm just flinging White Guilt to deflect my Slacker Guilt.
@Night Moves: So the only difference between Rachel Corrie and John Walker Lindh is that only one of them came home in a bodybag?
Also, you're correct about the trolling. Rachel Corrie trolling is a nice soothing old-skool thing for me.
@Graham COMMENT OF THE YEAR: "Lots of nice people are killed by the IDF"
@Graham Touche. But I was only saying why Rachel (and yes, ol' Johnny Boy) are news-relevant. To learn about their differences requires people writing about them.
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