Another Gang Shooting; Adams' Gun Laws Still Being Vetted


Here are some compelling arguments:

The killers have already broken dozens of laws
Making more laws will not change that or stop criminals from breaking them.
Gang banging murderers do not care about stupid curfews and after-the-fact penalties if they're caught.
Would the mayor prefer they used legally obtained guns?

Portland's ineptitude in dealing with gang issues is truly something to marvel at, especially considering the millions that have been spent (read: wasted) on the effort. Pretty much up until the very moment that you actually kill a rival gang member, they are going to treat you as a "victim" of gang culture and lavish you with all the social program bounties that being an idiot in Oregon affords you....and after, apparently they are going to try and blame it, somehow, on the gun.

Pro Tip: Criminalize gang membership you geniuses.
On the count of 3 let's all sing together:

'Stand By Your Sam'

For a real laugh look at his interview on KGW where his solution is for people to turn in Gang members. For a guy who uses fear and intimidation, you would think he would know how effective this is.
Dudes rubbing drain cleaner or acid on your rivals face is much more macho than being a pussy and shooting at them.
Would any of the new laws have stopped this shooting? Or would they just make Adams feel better?
Adams actually has one good proposal in there. I can see the logic for mandatory reporting of a lost or stolen gun. The rest is splooge for the men's room (where Sam does some of his best work).
I have never more wholeheartedly agreed with D about anything.
@D the beauty of a curfew is it turns just being out after dark and black a reasonable excuse for the cops to stop and search someone. Who needs civil liberties?
I love these comments. Thank you Blogtown for being smrter than other news sites.

If I see Sam in the streets, I promise I will point out that "Hey, you know? Murder is *already* illegal! We probably don't need, like, a NEW law...."

I will report any retort.
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