College Freshman Commits Suicide After Roommate Uses Hidden Cameras to Stream Live Images of Him Having Sex Over The Internet


Horrible, horrible, horrible. I just want to go throw up and cry. Poor kid.

I hope Ravi and Wei do time for this.
Um.. it gets better??
Do we really have to call him dead? I mean it says he is missing, that there has been no body or evidence of a body found... :( I would like to hold out hope for that he has run away.
People saw him on the bridge and when the cops came all they found was his wallet. They have found a body but it hasn't been identified yet.

wow this is so sad, he was such a talented guy ... but being betrayed, humiliated beyond belief and basically having a sex tape out yourself is no reason to commit suicide ... it will soon pass and eventually no one will care about your sexuality and those that care about will will accept you, and if they dont, well forget them !! he is in a better place, may he rest in peace ... this is such a sad story
I hope Ravi and Wei do time as well. this was such an invasion of privacy!! how DARE they think they have the right to post someone's most intimate moment like that on the web for the world to see?! they ruined his life and theirs !! i hope they serve half their life in jail. RIP Clementi :*(
@Treat - I would totally understand if he had responded by killing the two idiots who taped him. I don't think I can understand the suicide.
thinning the herd, what doe he expect PRIVACY? what a moron.