Now's Your Chance: Become Facebook Friends With a Toilet


Pee and poop jokes WITHOUT a downer plea for discussion of mental health funding?! We've really turned a corner with news editors at the Merc.
Who are we paying how much to create and maintain this facebook page for a public toilet?
This toilet has been locked the two times I've attempted to use it. As in, nobody inside, just locked, midday.
That's gotta be an awesome news feed.

"Some dude just took a dump!"

"A junkie just shot up!"

"Some other dude just took a dump!"

A perfect metaphor for the cesspool that surrounds it.
Sam is already a master of making friends IN a toilet, this seems like a logical extension.
Public toilets are great, but the city should really put in some bidets along 82nd...
I love how all the suburbanites automatically assume any piece of infrastructure is a refuge for evildoers. Light rail? CRIME TRAIN! Public toilet? SHOOTING GALLERY SHITTER!

It's all very warm and fuzzy until they're making their once-yearly visit for the Rose Festival (or some other such shit) and they actually get some use out of mass transit or a public restroom. Oh wait, they're too uptight to even try 'em.

Stay home, fuckwads. You're too soft. Even for a pussy-ass city like Portland.
somebody put a burr under Cunty's nutsack! can't say I'd disagree with his message, though. I've lived here nearly half a decade and I've always been amazed at how frightened most suburbanites are of downtown.
- oooh, that smelly man is asking me for money, and he's not being friendly about it! RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!

pussies, the lot of 'em.
@Todd. +1 hee-larious. +10 eeeeewh, that's nasty!