How to Check to See if You're Registered to Vote


As a registered Multnomah County voter with an overseas mailing address, I receive a virtual ballot via e-mail, which I print out and send back to the elections office. My mailing address changes often, but my e-mail address stays the same, so this system works very well for me.

I'm not sure why Multnomah County (and others) don't open up e-balloting as an opt-in service to all registered voters?

It wouldn't cost much to set up the system (since it's already in place for overseas voters), it would be convenient for young people who change apartments often but don't update their voter registrations, it might increase voter turnout and it would save taxpayer money otherwise spent on printing and postage for paper ballots.
I clicked this to check my registration and it said my registration in Oregon had been canceled. Definitely glad I found that out. I don't even know how it happened.

But now I'm annoyed that I have to mail in my registration card from Massachusetts when I (thought) I was already registered to vote.
You can also find someone's home address and party affiliation using that page if you happen to know their zip code and birthdate, both of which are pretty common knowledge. 100 stalker points to Orestar!
I get asked if I'm registered to vote approximately 5 times a day, it is really starting to drive me crazy!
Why the fuck are all the 20-somethings so goddamned apathetic about their civic responsabilities? When you move you fill out a change of address form with the post office and you update your voter registration. It's not goddamned rocket science. Oregon makes this shit too easy. We need poll taxes or some shit to whip the electorate back into shape. Why am I so angry about this? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!