Rat Ladies Are The New Cat Ladies


You'll need this to get started:

Ninja of Die Antwoord: Yo-Landi loves rats. She had 13 rats when we started the "Evil Boy" video, but then she put the boys and the girls together, and a lot of the girls got, like, raped. So now there's 23 rats in the posse.
Has she been keeping the 4 week dead rat in the freezer? She needs help, I think. I could understand having it cremated and keeping the ashes.
rats are the Best. Pets. EVER!!!
I had a pet lab rat when I was taking biology in 6th grade--Orlando. She was so clean and sweet and smart. Came when I called her and was always cleaning her fur. She really was a great pet, and I wish more people had open minds to consider all life as intelligent and worthwhile.
This woman obviously feels about her pets like we do about cats and dogs--she's holding on to Reggie until she can go bury him upstate.