Chasse Case Coverup? Family Attorney Says So


Tom Steenson and the Chasse family are fucking heroes for making the PPB give these documents up.
I am flabbergasted that these documents weren't "lost". There needs to be a high-level investigation of this case, and if these allegations prove to be true, anyone involved in covering this up needs to go to jail. I don't care who they are, or how powerful they are. But I'll bet that they don't.
What a shock! A plaintiff lawyer is trolling for cases.
Instead of "keeping it weird", let's keep it fucking real. No, this is NOT a shock. Nor is it "news". In fact, it's simply plain 'ol god damn obvious that we not only have a corrupted justice system, consisting of unprofessional law enforcement and common criminals with police badges on, but a mayor's office willing to turn a blind eye to illegal police conduct. Not to mention local so called journalists unwilling to break the news as it happens, who choose instead to "play it safe" by printing history (for years in the making) as if it's news.

But hey, let us not be Debbie Downers. Let's make like the Mercury by patting ourselves on the back for being "the city on the hill", Portlandia, the shining beacon of progressive liberal values. Never mind bringing JUSTICE to the minorities in this city. You know, the LOCAL Portlanders who's interest have been moved to the back burner of this city's priorities in order to make room for the new voting block of self absorbed so called liberal's and cool kids? A voting block that this to whom this paper panders.

So called, "liberal progressives" who don't give two shits about having REAL JUSTICE, who don't care if we restore the Willamette to flow free of the human shit. Because, who cares about these issues, "WHEN WE GET BIKE LANES THAT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO FUND YET!!! YAY!!!!! FOR!!!!! US!!!!!! WE'RE SO COOOOL and PROGRESSIVE!!!!!"

So called liberals, who, rather than give Sam Adams an ultimatum to grow some balls and stand up to common criminals, instead choose, like this paper, to defend the incompetence of our impotent "leader".

Way to do YOUR part Portland Mercury, in maintaining the status quo. The way you framed and characterized your article entitled "Take Your City and Shove It!", shows who's ass your kissing. Way to trivialize legitimate concerns we have about our city.

In fact HAVING GROWN UP HERE, one becomes FAMILY with a ALLOT of people from ACROSS THE BOARD. People like LOCAL cops, politicians, news makers and breakers, hippies, rednecks, bikers (fixies and Harley), Van Sant artist community of the 70's and 80's and farmers and laborers. And as far as WE ARE CONCERNED your little weekly is standing on week knees in her attempts at representing this rich and diverse community of Oregonians. What think were all a bunch of picture perfect cutouts from an edition of Vanity fair or Adbusters? Were a little more diverse than your "keep portland weird" homogeneity. And we care about PEOPLE. Not being cool. So fuck keeping it weird. LETS KEEP IT REAL.
I don't know if this has been posted yet, but here's the video to accompany this story: