"Enjoy Your Delicious Moments" - Pizza Box Art Crit


Rocket Pizza on NE 42nd uses these boxes. I bet they would tell you where they buy them from, so you can begin your investigation.
Also, what kind of pizza has swiss cheese on it?
Why's the persepective of the boxes on the shelves different from the shelves themselves? Are they boxes taller on one side than the other?
Those sausages have always made me uncomfortable.
You assholes are ruining my delicious moment!
Would somebody at the Mercury *please* send Dave out on an assignment? City council meeting, dog show, doesn't matter, any assignment will do...

Just let me finish counting the lines in my hand first.
What that box and the pizza it contains does *not* offer is "Love for Women." Unlike the redoubtable Mr. Pizza in Seoul, South Korea:

This is probably my favorite article ever written on Blogtown. I want a clean one of these boxes to hang on my wall as art.
I used to live in Japan, and the phrase "enjoy your delicious moments" reads like bad Japanese ad copy. It consists of four words that anyone with middle-school level English would understand, uses the verb "enjoy" which Japanese media seems immoderately fond of, and reeks of being a pasted-on English slogan plastered there to Westernize a given product.

I find it highly, highly likely that this thing originated across the Pacific. If it didn't, I'd be very surprised, and I'd enjoy a surprising moment.
Just moved to Davis, CA from Portland (so sad, so sad) and we have those boxes here. I hadn't seen them before a month ago, so I thought maybe they were special to the Greek pizza joint we go to, but I'm excited they are a larger phenomenon. I have no problem with delicious moments, in fact, I would enjoy having every moment be a delicious moment.
Booyah, solved it!

Seth Stambaugh was the model for the pizza oven chef. (Look at his profile shot in the story below this one)

And you're welcome.
Is it a coincidence that this post was made shortly after 4:20?
How long until that image shows up as an ironic scenester T-shirt?
I can't help but think that if the text read: "Enjoy this deliciously surreal image !" we wouldn't be reading this post.