DIY Bus Stop Improvements


Can I get one of those plasma screens out here in NE, please?
What's fun is taping up schedules from other routes. Extra credit for taping up schedules from other cities.

People shouldn't be in such a damned hurry anyway...they should relax and enjoy the gentle vibrations of the universe (which usually manifest here as cold, driving rain).
For the love of god, there should be ATLEAST a stop ID number at stops. So flipping lazy...thank you to those that sharpie them on a post or something.
Maybe have someone etch the stop number in the glass in calligraphy....
If you have an android phone, download Portland Transit Lite. It's a free app, reliable and won't make your eyes cross like trying to decipher a bus schedule will.
meh, fuck apps, just get the schedule via the browser.
I think there's some guerrilla schedule-taping at the #70 shelter at SE 17th and Tenino.

Hey! New transit blog idea!
We would like more schedules and preferably some newspapers and cardboard boxes too
bums (Portland's fastest growing cottage industry)
Now see, I would have used a page protector, put a schedule in it and taped IT to the shelter. That way you can take out the old schedule and slip in the new when they change. Voila'.