I (Almost) Had Sex with Christine O'Donnell and All I Got Was This Lousy (Actually Pretty Good) Story


I'm going to go home and masturbate in honor of O'Donnell tonight.
I really desperately wish that the media would just ignore this awful cunt of a woman. Her odds of winning are hovering around 0% (http://elections.nytimes.com/2010/senate/d…). She is a circus sideshow distracting us from actual issues. Fuck, I hope that if I ever run for office that all my past drunken hook-ups don't become actually policy issues.

I'm sad that the Merc even deigned to cover this non-story.
I'm with Graham. I am generally all for smutty gossip, and humiliating public figures I detest, but that Gawker piece was a lame waste of time. They didn't even do it! She didn't do anything weird!

But on this subject - I am happy to write blog posts on the times that I did not have sex with Christine O'Donnell. There are many.
Look, I understand how her nomination insults the political system and sends a message that Bible-thumping socially conservative anti-intellectuals are on the rise again. I want her to lose as much as the next person who wants some sanity to remain in the system, but the guy is the one who comes off as a douche here. We already knew she was crazy and a little creepy. He saw pubic hair and lost interest? Yeah, nice try, whiskey dick.
+ 1 Graham and Joneser. Sarah Palin's bizarre life was/is fair game, but O'Donnell doesn't have much of any shot according to any serious polling. *snicker*
Au contrary, amigos. Christine O'Donnell (and Sharrrrrron Angle and all the rest) is a product of the "Tea Party" movement that is actually being treated with credibility by the press.

The lunacy of their decision to nominate her over a moderate Republican (who actually could have won) needs to be shouted from the mountaintops. These people are dangerous lunatics, and they need to be forced to eat it on a daily basis.
Apparently Jezebel is all hot and bothered about this:


Whatever, Jezebel. This is entertaining because it show off O'Donnell's hypocrisy. Little Miss Don't Touch Yourself can be as drunk and horny as the rest of us.
I had a one-night stand with Denis. Some please pay me for the story and accompanying pictures
"I immediately noticed that the waxing trend had completely passed her by. Obviously, that was a big turnoff, and I quickly lost interest."

Am I seriously the only guy in the world that prefers a natural, unshaven vadge? I feel like a gay teenager here.
I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't cut in a silhouette of praying hands.
"I feel like a gay teenager here." oh no. I think that phrase might've just entered my lexicon.
Let's see... the guy dresses up as a boy scout for Halloween. He later has a drunk, naked, cougar in his bed but claims she suddenly doesn't want to have sex, so nothing happens.
He's gay.