Good Morning, News!


I knew it! Those Chinese have been trying to wipe out Americans since before we even lived in America! First it was diseases, now it's cheap, toxic products. None of this is news to me...I've already been avoiding Walmart like the plague.
"Keyek has said she is now intent on writing an autobiography with a chapter devoted to her relationship with [Berlusconi]."

Look, he loves helping young people, and he's single-handedly keeping the Italian publishing industry alive. Lay off Silvio!

I know you were not living here... but why don't you ask Adams if he got paid back the $700 he 'loaned' to his teenage lover?
@ no term memory, if I "loaned" you $700, would you just come out of the closet already? Being completely obsessed with this nearly two year old story can't be the only clue you've had over the years.

We'll see who is obsessed with this story when Adams announces his reelection bid and names start to publicly show up in ORESTAR.

Why don't you make your's the first for this year by donating $100.01 to Sam? You only have to give your Name, Address, Employer and Occupation.