BREAKING: Some Trick or Treaters are Dicks.


Protip: Install a door with peephole and then answer the door underwearless every time a teenager comes to the door. (This has nothing to do with Halloween)
We only had sweet little kids here in inner SE. Maybe not all little, but all quite polite. Boring as hell. Almost enough to restore my faith in humanity...and I can't bear for that to happen again.
hose them down with your neighbors garden hose, that way your house doesn't get tricked...
I'm so disappointed; no matter where I live I've never gotten trick and/or treaters. Do kids only go to the burbs anymore or what?
If they don't say "trick or treat" the little trolls don't get the candy.
I live in a scary industrial area. No one comes to my door. Not even the homeless.
We got way more teenagers last year, it was almost entirely kids this year.

The worst?

A group of three sets of parents and six total kids. I opened the door, and there was one parent and two kids on my porch. I held out my bowl and gave the customary, "go for it." However, one messy kid was busily eating some of the candy he already had, and then I noticed that each of them (including the parent) were holding TWO bags. This was apparently to save four of the kids and two of the adults from the harrowing ordeal of getting to our porch.

We have a total of 4 steps up from the sidewalk, 8 feet of front walk, and then three more stairs. It's really not unreasonable at all to expect the kids to actually, you know, come to the goddamn door to get the candy. Not this group.

I think we had about 5 separate groups of trick or treaters to our Alberta-area sky fortress. I still can't believe our bag of mini mixed candy bar things was $10.99.
We had more cute kids than teens, but the teens were awful! I punished them by only giving them one piece of candy, instead of the handfuls I'd give the little ones.

WTF? My mom wouldn't let me out of the house on Halloween after 7th grade.
The kids in my neighborhood ran us out of candy last night. We had to turn the porch light off. No teenagers. I also live in what is essentially the kid-friendliest area in all of Portland.
This year all the trick or treaters that came to my door were respectful. The person down the street, at 1AM, who fired 6 shots and drove off like a bat out of hell, was not.
We have two sets of candy. Good candy that we give to good kids, and shitty sugar free stuff that we dish out to everyone else.
some kid called me a racist because i said his costume sucked.

HOWEVER, he did have the most innovative candy receptacle i've seen since the pillow case: a backwards backpack. maybe i've been out of the t-o-t loop for a few years but i had to hand it to him. and by that i mean a werthers and a packet of limesalt he'll probably use with his four loko.
uh, the Gorilla did it EXACTLY RIGHT. That was the original intent of the fucking holiday, to scare the shit out of each party.

(I guess the soiled pillowcase dude already had the shit scared out of him.)
We got fewer trick or treaters than last year, it was disappointing, but there were still some pretty cute ones. Fat Superman was probably the cutest.

I can't bring myself to care how old the kids are. It's free candy day! That's painful to outgrow. Plus I was always big for my age (read: EUPHEMISM) so I got shit for being too old to trick or treat when I was like, 11.
Didn't you ask directly for a pants full of feces a couple days ago? You should be thrilled. You should have given that gorilla all your candy.
Couldn't believe it. 50th and Division (more or less) and we had two groups, ten kids total. It was like Children of Men out there.
Darkness, I'm in the neighborhood and we didn't see any. Sad times.
I went trick or treating up until my sophomore year in High School. I hated the people who would refuse to give us candy. We were dressed up! We were polite! We said Trick or Treat and always let the little kids go ahead of us!

People can be such arbitrary assholes.
Next year I'm trying a new costume- I'll carry around a front door, a gorilla puppet, a bowl of candy, and underpants filled with "serve yourself" dark chocolate. I'll put the feces in the bowl, go up to a door, set up my door, and when they open their door, I'll open mine-wave my puppet and offer my bowl up to anyone who had a Dudley sign on on their lawn this year.