That Woman Is Not Making Comics in Order to Be Sexually Attractive


Julia Wertz had a good one about this:…
That shitstorm surprised me. Kate Beaton's comment seemed totally normal and valid. I hope, for her sake, that she very quickly stopped caring about the response.

The whole point is there's this stranger who makes drawings you like, and you want to let them know. But they're a stranger! You don't know quite how to say it. So you mention your genitals, and the stranger says "I'm glad you like my work, but we are strangers. Let's not talk about our genitals, yeah?"

Whatever happened to ignoring assholes? Ignore all assholes. Unless you find tormenting them to be entertaining. In which case, try not to let their response bother you too much. Remember: YOU WILL NOT TEACH THEM ANYTHING. IGNORE THEM.