Modern Board Games Make Me Angry


I have nothing witty to say, I just HATE all of these!
The sad thing is that the boardgaming hobby is quite vibrant these days, including lots of really clever and beautiful games for young children. They just can't seem to break through into big box stores though.

Also, TKO means technical knockout champ.

I'm such a lady.
At least the Burger Builder is realistic about the kids' futures.

Also, I love that you got TKO wrong.
I was going to point out that you got TKO wrong as well.
You should go to Guardian Games and do a counterpoint post. My nephew has games that are waaaay smarter and more interesting than anything I played when I was a kid, I guess he's just not getting them at Fred Meyer.
gassy gus, is awesomely gross
in college we developed a drink called the TKO. equal parts tequila, kahlua and ouzo. mmmm-mm.
I had a similar experience last year. I'd planned a camping trip with my nephew and wanted a few games to play with him. Nostalgia trip, you know? Where I'm now the adult playing fun games with the kid. Yeah. It sucked to be marginalized the the tiny strip of store offering poorly made dominoes.

Guardian Games is a good idea. I probably should have brought my awesome copy of Bohnanza (or, as I call it, the bean game) to teach my nephew. Far more enjoyable than anything else in the gaming aisle at FM.
I know this was tangential, but I too think it's totally weird that Pillow Pets cost $20.
in college we developed a drink and called it a TKO: equal parts tequila, kahlua and ouzo. yummy.
oops. i guess it DID go through...
Does Guardian Games carry Cheapass board games? They're the best!

Also, Monopoly has NEVER been fun.
Where I grew up, most people were loggers and only worked about 8 or 9 months of the year due to too much snow, so we used to have marathon Monopoly games that would last for several days. We also threw out all the one dollar bills and rounded everything to 5 bucks. You could write ious and owe as much as you wanted. Lots o'fun. Pogo has Monopoly as one of their games.
I also get angry in Fred Meyer for no reason! I get all snobby about the food. "Gogurt? That is DISGUSTING."
If you really want something to get angry about at Fred Meyer, wander over to their clothing section sometime. Try to find anything you would actually wear(aside from socks and underwear -ealthough those are pretty slim pickin's too) even if you do find something, chances are they won't have it in your size.
You're shopping in the wrong store. Try visiting Rainy Day Games, out in the burbs. Or on-line at, or There are hundreds of fantastic games out there!
they have Blokus... but yeah, not many Euro games