A Dispatch from the Tea Party Election Night Gala


This Krista Branch song is really only one step away from Team America's "America, Fuck Yeah."
We did all that work and you didn't try our lines out on Marie? DUDE!
FTW! You've got all that motivational music and you can't pull a simple one-liner. Sheeeet. Go home nancy paper boy. WM's doing all the posting anyway
This is almost more disappointing than PAC pussying out on the Double Down.

Does *anyone* at this newspaper have testicles?
This is going on my tombstone: "From coast to coast they called us racists, they called us Astroturf! When I look around us tonight, do you know what I see? WINNERS!"

Non-Racist Tea Party FTW!
Sorry you guys feel let down but there's a difference between testicles and an inability to read social cues. The choice was either be rude to grandma and/or get smacked in the mouth by hubby and neither felt funny enough to try.
Typical media liberal: all hat and no cattle. (I don't know what that means, but it seems appropriate. Maybe you could ask Marie.)
Huh. Never heard that Don Henley version of 'American Pie.' Nor would I want to.
Don McLean did "American Pie." Bet there weren't any gays there, or at least anyone willing to admit they were. So they're still homophobes, OK?
That's the point - my comment is a rebuke of the drunk unprofessional who wrote this.
So they're enema bags now? So confusing. Pick a bag already!
We were there last night. It was a polite friendly crowd.
I love that it was "mostly white"...um, how many get togethers in the PNW aren't?
I was there for about an hour. I did see two black guys, two black women, several Asians and Latinos and at least one Jew...the one I was there with!
Funny tho' that at an event where race was not mentioned or eluded to once the writer of this article was so obsessed with skin color.
Everything said by the speakers (at least for the hour or so I was there) was of a positive nature.
No name calling, no disparaging remarks just upbeat "go team" kind of stuff.
Too bad you didn't run into us and try your "I can think of one thing that's too big to fail and it could really use your stimulus package" on my wife.
We could have taken you into the men's room and made you show us. Maybe we could have even had a sword fight while my wife watched and readied herself.
Oh well, maybe next time.
I mean, unless you have something against Jewish-on-Gentile threesomes.
You didn't point out the Christians, gays, atheists, college students, grad students, PhD's, in the audience. And next time you want to know who that "some dude" on stage was, just ask an adult. That was constitutional law professor Jim Huffman who ran for the US Senate. He didn't win but did receive at last count 542,000 votes from all the "five toothed," "racist," tea-blanking people other people just refer to as "Oregonians."
You should have let me introduce you around.
Thank you very much for coming and covering the event, though.

Victoria Taft
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