The Metro President Math Isn't Looking Good for Bob Stacey.


If the current margins hold, your math is sound. The catch with that assumption is the big Democratic GOTV operation. It looked like the late ballots in Multnomah county broke in Kitzhaber's favor by more than the 70-30 margin that he was winning by early in the night.

If the late ballots in Washington and Clackamas counties are slightly more liberal than the early ballots, Stacey has an outside shot. By my math, a 3% shift in all 3 counties would give Stacey a slim 109 vote margin. A 5% shift would put Stacey ahead by 1,300.

Of course, that's assuming the late voters even bothered to fill out downballot races. If Stacey manages to pull ahead, he'll have Kitzhaber's coattails to thank.
I told rex long ago that vocally supporting the CRC was going to result in him losing, why he went against his principles to support a megabridge I'll never understand, but it certainly lost him my vote in the primary.
I wouldn't buy a used car from that face.
Bruce, good thing he's spent 35 protecting farm and forestland instead of selling cars, then.

Sad that Rex's wife lost perspective in such a detrimental way.