Bethesda Working To Squash New Vegas Bugs


5 million! That seems like a lot.

My only glitch so far (on XBOX 360) is it freezing. Maybe that'll get better with the patch. This remind me - I should be playing New Vegas right now.
I'm glad you're understanding, a lot of people rush into irritation about things that aren't really big deals.
On the PS3, New Vegas is similar to Fallout 3 in that it constantly freezes and has to be power cycled to restart. There are also some problems with some of the quests (such as the monorail bomb) and Debt Collector for me.

It's not enough to make me not play, but man it's annoying. And since it seems to be the same kind of freeze bug as in Fallout 3 you can't help wondering why they haven't improved the quality.
Wait, Kiala knows Chris Hardwick?? Squeee!
Are they going to fix the thugs who come in when I find the dead body inside that casino and then ruin my chances of finishing that quest by triggering the ENTIRE CASINO TO ATTACK ME?


Also yay! Thanks Nex!

@reymont Yes I do. And I write for him. SQUEEEE!
I had been getting frequent freezes at the area around Black Mountain (where Tabitha the Super Mutant has her radio show). Right after I posted that comment it froze twice on me as I was trying to get the hell away from there so that I could go do something else. I said to myself, "one more freeze and I give up for the night." But then I found a backway up the mountain! And I totally made it into the radio tower and killed that ho Tabitha. And it didn't freeze at all. It was cool. After that I was in a scorpion gulch, and some of the scorps had some tracking issues - like, they would get stuck if the hill was too steep.

Tracking - part of my play style is that I tend to find near-vertical walls, and then I strafe along them, jumping up little ledges and slowly working my way upward. However, my companions aren't smart. And this freaks them out. So they run away along the regular path, and then get in fights with monsters. Fortunately they don't train all the mobs on me - it seems that if they go into hostile territory when they are a certain distance away from me, then not everything in there attacks them.
I'm still convinced that most of these bugs must exist on the console versions, I've only had it crash maybe 3 times on the PC version, all of which were right after an auto-save.

The thing I really hope they fix is quest dependencies. I've ran into a ton of different scenarios where I've finished a quest line, which will then lock me out of another quest line, or won't let me pick up the quest for another follower.
@ROM - I'm finishing up one last play through of Fallout 3, but you totally had me at "...where Tabitha the Super Mutant has a radio show." Say no more!

@Kiala - OMG, new plan! Reymont --> Kiala --> Chris Hardwick --> Alison Haislip. That's only three moves! What must I do to progress along this series? Chocolates and champagne will rain down!
@pccrackenhead - They consider that a feature! "Your decisions have consequences!"
@Reymont: There's consquences and then there's bugs. For instance, you can't start Raul's Companion Quest unless you haven't learned the Ranger Takedown from Ranger Andy. That's an example of a scripting/flags error on the designer's end.

But even with the constant hard-locks and scripting/flag problems, it's still an awesome game.
yeah I've had everything from freezing to save file corruption to my right analog stick not being able to turn me around....unacceptable