Who Should Wash This Pie Plate?!? (A Blogtown "Ethics in Modern Society" Poll)


WSH - Let this post officially mark the last time I ever bring you pie.
Whoever took the last piece should've left at least a three-gram bit of pie, to create the fiction that they "weren't taking all of it." Either that or they should've "put it to soak." In any case, they suck.
Make Matt Davis come back and wash it.
just throw it away
I though Mirk was more high class than heroin-addicts and only dated cheese-addicts.

(Also option three *would* be funny if had anyone darker than mayonnaise on staff; otherwise, WSH is just race baiting.)
Bring another pie-and-knife tomorrow, then have a pie knife and pie-platter-shield dueling tournament. The winner of the tournament gets to decide who must wash both pie plates... unless all of the losers have been killed by pie knives.
Boo to the people who picked interns. They're only for tasks that build employable skills and sexual hijinks.
Let Olive clean it.
It's no secret that WMH enjoys watching scantily clad interns wash his dishes.
The responsibility of washing the dishes should always go to the woman with the smallest hands. After all, god made them that way so they can do jobs like cleaning the dried milk rings from the bottom of a glass.
Sarah, you can do better than a heroin addict. I may have voted for Measure 74, but I think we can still make it work. Call me.
Whoever loses needs that sticky note stealthily placed on their back with rounded arrows pointing around to their front junk.
Noah should definitely wash it. Or bring Andrew Michaan back.
As the media advisor for Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen and as an African American Portland resident, I find myself saddened, offended and stunned by your reference to "Leave it to Corinna, your black maid" as one of the selections.

First, I'm saddened because I believe an editor of a media organization shouldn't stoop to racist stereotypes in any form as a gimmick to pull in readers. I deal with the media every day in my job. And although I spent 22 years at The Oregonian as a reporter and editor before coming to work for the county, I always treat the alternative and neighborhood newspapers as seriously because these papers cover local issues vigorously and deserve to be treated respectfully. But the use of this stereotype has me second guessing how I might deal with the Mercury, which I consider an important part of the media.

Second, I'm offended because putting "black maid" in the poll is racist. If you take "black" out, the point and the humor of your blog poll don't change. To leave it in speaks volumes, in my view, of the writer and the organization. Your intent may be to be Colbert-like. But your impact on me is to perpetuate a racist stereotype. The impact on your readers is to say it's OK to perpetuate a racist stereotype because you think it's funny. Funny at whose expense?

Finally, I'm stunned that in "progressive" Portland, of the hundreds of people who voted and the more than a dozen who left comments that nobody else found that phrase offensive. How sad.

David Austin
Well, that brought the commenting to a standstill. Time for another Blogtown "Ethics in Modern Society" Poll?

Is WSH a hipster racist? (See http://meloukhia.net/2009/07/hipster_racis…)
It's ok because some of his best friends are black.
How tiresome it is to see someone without a modicum of wit use racism, genderism and bigotry and pretend it is 'humor'. I hope it is 'just' ignorance and not the hatefulness it appears to be.
The Mercury's use of harmful, or at the very least insulting, stereotypes to get a laugh is consistent and has a long history. That does not excuse it but fully explains why I stopped worrying about reading it a long time ago.
Ironic racism is so cool. At least to clueless hipster fucks.
racist white privilege apparently means never having to clean your own dishes. glad the Mercury was able to enlighten us...
WSH has way worse qualities than being an ironic racist.