Justin Bieber Dropped by the Office Today... No Big Deal


Whats the over/under on the number of weird stains and holes that mysteriously show up in the cardboard Bieber? 7?
Hey Evil WSH, I think you may be projecting some things onto regular WSH's mega-fascination with the soft-faced pop sensation, Justin Bieber. One of those projections is that WSH wants to have sex with him. Maybe it shouldn't be so quickly reduced to that simple/boring idea, over and over again?
Wait, having sex with a cardboard, Canadian pop star is NOT normal? Shhhhiit!

Maybe you think that WSH wanting to hump Justin Bieber is a "simple/boring idea", but for me, it's HI-larious! Almost as hilarious as a grown man worshiping Taco Bell. Chalupas and baseball are a winning combination for sure, but more importantly, what does it say about YOU?

Really your hatred should be redirected from me to real WSH. I post on what I read. Until WSH stop posting Bieber related material, I will NOT stop insinuating that he (and DEFINITELY not I) wants to sodomize him. Unfortunately that day will come and you'll finally be satisfied. But on that day, a very small part of Blogtown will die.

I also realize that baseball season is over and you have nothing better to do than troll Blogtown, so here a suggestion: Taco Bell is open until midnight, go there, and drown your sorrows in weak sauce.
Why did it take you 43 minutes to post this? And why are there two humanoid *things* behind you? You're like that weird guy in "Blade Runner" with all the automaton "friends" in his creepy apartment, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?
EWSH: You should be, like, a detective in real life. A really crappy detective who no one will hire because his powers of deduction are totally shitty.

But, to help you out on this sad journey toward "figuring stuff out," I'll divulge a bit: despite my icon's overwhelming insinuation to the contrary, I don't follow baseball.

Also, I didn't say that having sex with a cardboard cutout is not normal.

And, finally, my entire point, which you managed to miss - wtg - is that I do not think WSH wants to hump Bieber. Okay, so go out there and slap that "EWSH Private Detective" decal on your door, and then go pick up an Oregon Trail card! You can do it!!
I'm a little obtuse, so once more: Is having sex with a cardboard cutout okay? Yes, No, Sometimes?

Frankly, I am stunned that you think WSH doesn't really want to have intercourse with das Bieb. I mean he's always posting about him. It's also like he's being facetious.... Nooooooo!

EWSH's Detective Agency does have a ring to it. My first case would be to discover when you became such a tool. Originally, I wanted to be a paid douche bag, but it seems you have the market corner on that one. (Get it? Cuz your a major douche that so good at being a douche that other people are willing to pay you.)

Anyways, can you tell me if they accept Oregon Trail Cards at Taco Bell?

(Also was that a Waterboy/Rob Schneider reference at the end of your post? Hey the 90s called, they want catch phrase back.)
If the Bieb showed up in WSH's bedroom wearing a jock strap midnight on his 18th birthday, I am pretty damn sure WSH would have sex with that. WSH/Bieb meme aside.
You have rather long thumbs, Humphrey. So, it it true what they say...?
@BruceWang: I don't disagree. My main beef is with the boring commenters who don't seem to realize they're leaving the same "omg WSH is a pedo who wants to have sex with Bieber!" comment three times a day. Yes, we get it.

@Evil WSH: yawn...