The Mercury Online Charity Auction is Happening! Like... NOW!


How about a "Steven doesn't mention Justin Bieber for a Year on Blogtown" auction. I'm game for that. Not hating...just a shame all that stalker potential is wasted on ONE Canadian.
Canada hasn't done a single thing to deserve more than one stalker (or stalkee). BID NOW!
Yeah, instead of all the other wonderful Canadian musicians like Geddy Lee, Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan, Paul Anka, and oh I don't know THE BARENAKED LADIES (baaaaaaaarf).
*cough* Nickleback *cough*

And yes, dear Steven...I've already bid on 15 of the items. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
SO happy to see my favorite Mercury staff cutie on the cover this week and in the charity auction photo spread! And that's Sarah on there also, isn't it?
Ever since Scrapper came people are doodling on the covers even before they turn to Savage, I Saw You, or I Anonymous.

Steve is winning the penis in the mouth cover doodle contest tonight. I think it is because Smirks hands are perfectly place to hold the giant balls.