Oregon GOP Files For Partial Recount of Governor Votes


@Andrea: Can you get a comment from Danz on the motivation for this partial recount in Democratic strongholds?
Pitiful and hilarious.
What's funny is Yao Ming is blurry in this photo. I wonder if Yao would have chucked a basketball at Chris Dudley as hard as Shaq did.
@Graham: Danz forwarded me to OR GOP chairman Bob Tiernan, who said that the recount request is intended simply to double-check a hand-counted vote tally against the computer-tallied numbers. He said that he chose Mult. Co. because it's Oregon's largest county, and because if any county were vulnerable to attack it'd be this one, and that he chose the three precincts at random. I asked if this is standard, post-election procedure, and Tiernan said that it hasn't been but he's going to make it so, as it "keeps everybody honest".