Albina: Portland's Ghetto of the Mind!


It's not playing for me, but that's probably my fault somehow.
Is KGW the noun in that sentence? Also, nothing to play.
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What is a KGW? :-)
Really? I live on Portland's Ghetto of the Mind? You must make this work.
Do Mercury authors read the comments to their Blogtown posts anymore?
linky no worky for me either. Chillin' IN Albina w/ some Win7 and FireFox goodness.
Works fine for me. firefox, windows xp (work comp!)
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Looks like the video doesn't start until the whole thing has loaded. So have some patience people and it'll play. Problem solved.
Works for me, XP and Firefox.
KGW DOCUMENTARY: Albina (1980)…
This documentary, broadcast August 22nd, 1980, was produced by Lew Frederick, Jon Tuttle, Roger Thompson and John E. Haney. It is a follow up and companion documentary to the 1967 KGW special "Albina: Portland's Ghetto of the Mind".
DOCUMENTARY: Albina: Portland's Ghetto of the Mind (1967)…
This award winning documentary, originally aired in 1967, was produced by KGW news director and anchor Richard Ross, Ralph Ahseln and Malcolm Cross. It brought into focus the question of how the African-American citizens of Portland had historically been marginalized and how the Albina neighborhood
Will Bennett, Golden West Project
Really? This has been being passed around on local blogs for weeks and weeks. It's not like PA Coleman went and found it himself; give some props to people who actually give a shit about Albina and are doing the work to dig up this and much other historical info. But then, this is the Mercury's modus operandi, isn't it - let other people do the work, and take the credit yourselves. Way to go on making the kind of reputation in Portland you've already built for yourselves, Mercury staff.