This Is How You Update a Logo


Are you trolling? This is just as bad as the Gap logo, and that Tropicana orange juice makeover a while back. When I think 'comedy,' I don't think 'stark black/white minimalism.'
I didn't remember what their old logo was.

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Yeah, this blows. Looks like the Chanel logo gone bad.
It's a pretty canny redesign, in my opinion. It works; having it so slick and clean and flipping the type on the second word makes it look like someone in layout was pulling a prank. The concentric c's in the graphic part is a real clever take on the copyright symbol. Moreover, whereas the Gap logo sealed its fate by being created in Helvetica and having a gradient making it all look like WordArt form msWord, the font here - Gotham, if I'm not mistaken - is a stylish current font that has legs. It won't get old all of a sudden. The old logo DOES, in comparison, look like a bad comedy club logo.

Paul made a good call here. CC did not waste their money redesigning.
I like it a lot.
That is rather akin to the Creative Commons logo.
Yikes. It is pretty close to the Creative commons/copyleft logo. But then again, the copyleft folks will probably let them use it, cause they wouldn't copyright their logo.

The Sci-Fi Channel became Syfy, so Comedy Central should become Coce, and do an, ah, homage to the classic Coca-Cola logo.

I'm not really digging the logo. It's OK for a corporation, perhaps--it seems cold to me. The upside-down CENTRAL is momentarily humorous, but then annoying, (like much of the channel's programming). I'd rate this only slighty above the Willy Week's minced swastikas logo.
I have a strong fondness for the previous ComCen logo. I know it looks like a comedy club logo... but it has character and HISTORY. It's been there for decades (almost).

This new one looks lifeless and - just like the previous one - generic.
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If you have ever played the Eve Online game this looks like a mirror image of the logo for the Caldari.…