The World's First Patient Cured of HIV


Cured should be in quotes the entire article.
Excellent. Next, we need to find a cure for religion. Then perhaps we can take advantage of stem cell research.
Some stand-up comedian (I wanna say Bill Hicks, but can't be sure) had a bit in the late 80's/early 90's about when scientists find a cure for HIV, that "people will begin f*cking in the streets."

Time will tell.
Hate to pee in your Cheerios, Sarah, but this particular case doesn't seem to mean much to other people. There aren't enough HIV-resistant donors for everyone with HIV, and even if there were, the article clearly states that HIV could evolve to attack other cells.

If we bought people drinks every time there was a potential cure to HIV/AIDS, we'd all be alcoholics by now.
@Andy Mesa
I am an alcoholic. Your comment was intolerant of both HIV-positive peoples and alcoholics, like me.
Sangamo Biosciences is running 3 FDA approved human trails that are testing this very concept using gene therapy. They are deleting the CCR5 gene outside the body and reinfusing the patients own t-cells. Data on one patient has been presented and additional data will be presented at CROI. They are also testing modifying stem cells in non-human primates at the current time.
Manticore, in case you didn't notice, the cure involved "adult" stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. No cure for religion necessary - except a cure for the "religion" of scientists who insist that embryonic stem cell research is necessary to cure disease. Adult stem cells are where the cures have been so far - including this one. But embryonic stem cells have been where the money goes, even though they have yet to be used to cure any disease.
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