My Afternoon with Bruce Springsteen


How are you still able to type? From the hyperbole that people speak in these sorts of situations, I gather one or both arms must be given up for the chance to attend such an event.
I once spent the morning with David Cassidy. Well, part of it anyway. I was six years old, but it still counts. So there.
For someone who can't get anything right on all other things musical I'm amazed how much you "get" this national treasure. I hope you realize how fortunate you are with this experience.
The only time I ever got that close to Bruce was after his October 1996 show at the Schnitz. A handful of us were waiting by the stage and Bruce came out and I shook his hand. The next night in Seattle it was the same thing again and he recognized me with a "oh hey!"...probably because I was hiking the PCT that year and had a giant Will Oldham-issue beard and the same Boss Hog t-shirt on.

A guy I knew years and years ago was in a bar and there was a rumor Bruce would show up. He and a couple other friends managed to snag a table. One guy got up to use the bathroom and was very clear that he wanted them to save his seat. After he is gone, Bruce walks by and says "oh...a seat, mind if I sit here for a couple minutes"? Of course their answer is "sit down!" The guy comes back from the bathroom and sees someone in his seat and says "hey a-hole, that is my seat!" Bruce turns around and the look on the friend's face was priceless.

I peed next to Bert Jansch once but this is a little more awesome.