Your Daily Blazer: Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Tired


Wow when did the Glazers turn into such PAN'S LABYRINTH fanboys ?
+1 For LA's 7 blocks!

+1 For Camby's tweet!/MarcusCamby23/status…

+1 For JR's reply!/JR_Swish/status/1998…
I hate the Nuggets. I don't know why.... I just do - more than any other team. If it weren't for Billups, who is their only saving grace, I'd probably throw a brick through my teevee screen everytime I saw them. Or probably just the first time I saw them, I guess.
I thought the blazers looks fairly tight until the last 12 seconds of the first half. Nuggets turned a two point lead into a seven point lead, and the blazers never caught back up.

The final 1.8 seconds of the first half were the MOST terrible. That was one of the dumbest plays ever by the blazers.