SL Letter of the Day: Can't Help You


what does "cis" mean?
ROM: Opposite of "trans". As in, you're not a man trapped in a woman's body, or vice versa.
Thanks. So, if you're a man trapped in a man's body, or a woman trapped in a woman's body, then you're "cis"?
Only if you're TRAPPED there. If you're there willingly, then you're squatting.

Who are these people who have to make sex this complicated??? Jesus, SWAP, just go fuck something and stop wasting Dan's time! Yeesh...
But I don't understand why 'cis' is a bad word? I mean, in a world where trans people are starting to really come out, doesn't there need to be a word for... 'not' transgendered? I mean, sorry, but it's kinda bullshit of you would say you'd prefer we call cis people 'normal'. But if you tell me what you'd prefer instead of 'cis' that's fine with me. I just consider 'cis' to be like the 'straight' of gender, and I do think the word 'straight' is necessary.
Well, not that Dan reads these, but if people feel similar to Dan then feel free to answer. :)
The problem with "cis" is that by using it, you are endorsing the idea of a societally-defined "right" gender. Much like straight vs. gay, it reduces people to labels and actions. The alternative in all cases is not the creation of new categories (two-spirits, anyone?) but a willingness to get to know individuals and to love all people. That's much harder than a prefix!

Meanwhile BruceWang, using "normal" to describe 80+% of a population is not bullshit. Our culture's forced conformity and fear of difference is bullshit, as are our rigid, anachronistic, and oppressive gender roles. You must first create a non-oppressive world within your mind before you can understand why cis is bullshit.