Study Showing Link Between Autism and Vaccines "An Elaborate Fraud"



622 preventable deaths so far.
the scary thing is once vaccination rates drop below a certain point, 'herd immunity' goes away and people who were never vaccinated will start dying, adults and children.
No shit. Michael Specter and other reporters have been saying this for ages.…
But, as anyone who follows kooks know, you can't keep a good conspiracy down.
All this will be proof of how far and wide the big 'con' goes. They're all in on it, don't you know.
It's also so much more comforting to believe that big government and evil pharma have colluded to create autism than it is to believe it could be some other causal factor (ill-advised natal practices, bad genetics, etc...).
It's all about what people want to believe.
Thanks for discussing this issue. The Wakefield theory- that a the MMR vaccine might lead to autism, is only one of the possible connections between autism and vaccines that cause reasonable parents to wonder about vaccines safety. All parents are warned that there is a small but real risk with all vaccines. It is clearly stated on the package inserts. For every million vaccines given, a certain number of children have extreme reactions, including neurological effects and death. In fact a child just recently died after getting a routine DTaP shot, and the US GOVERNMENT ruled that the vaccine was the cause. (See… )

The other major theory is that a mercury preservative in vaccines called thimerosal (no, it was not removed from all vaccines, it's still in most flu vaccines and several others) is known to have toxic neurological effects. You could not even throw this stuff in a regular landfill- it is considered toxic waste.

Although many people think that the research has been done and the scientific questions have been answered, this site illustrates the weakness of the studies on the vaccine/autism connection:

Thanks for keeping an open mind!
We are born to die.
There is all this debate about whether vaccinations are the cause of autism. Sure there may be evidence to show that autism appeared after a vaccination, but there is also evidence that suggests vaccinations aren't the MAIN culprit.…