If You're Looking for an Asshole... It's This Guy


Condemn. But, admit it Smirk, his "animalistic sexuality" is getting to you, isn't it?
Funny thing is - this guy is best looking and most normal person in Klamath Falls. FACT.
My train, which was 4 hours late after allegedly hitting (and killing) someone in LA, stopped in Klamath Falls on NYE.

I was nowhere near Arkansas, Louisiana or Sweden though.
@atomic: This makes you party to murder!
Hey, screw you @daneh! I'm from Klamath Falls, and...oh, hang on. No, you're right. I apologize.
So, on the cultural radar, Klamath Falls has given us this guy and... what, Rosie Hamlin?
I shot a 24-year-old woman in the face at a New Years party at the Erotic Ball what is the big deal ?

Oh Klamath Falls and not that kind of party.

I think I saw this Gunwitch guy at Sauvie Island this summer. Does he drive a van with "free candy" on the side ?