Good news! Congrats to Tom - whose dedication to and knowledge of transportation issues runs deep.
I believe Jennifer Yocom works in the mayor's office as a policy director, not an editor.

But great for Tom! He's whip-smart and bikey. Both good things to have leading PBOT.
Yeah, that was a "get this up and get out the door to city hall" typo re: Yocom. Soon to be fixed.
I figured. It's just funny because her title is so close to that of an editor at a publication, it just shows which business you work in!
How soon before we get skateboard lanes? Once again Poorland proves that it has no interest in commerce or transportation. Having this anti-car advocate at the transportation bureau is like having an arsonist run the fire department.
Andy doesn't understand that there's more active transportation infrastructure planned in Beaverton than in Portland (which he's going to hate, apparently) simply because their surface transportation tax got grandfathered in under M5/50.

But it's easier to throw rocks than build a glass window or something.
The dude is a poser he has crappy taste in boards. My grandkid has a better board than that and he lives in Hellsboro.

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