You're Going To Get Around to Creating Jobs Any Time Now, Right, Guys?


You know that nowhere is it the government's duty to 'create jobs,' right?
@D, then what the hell is Tom Hughes going to DO for the next four years?!
No matter how pro-choice you are, and I am, you have to recognize how fucked it is to force a group to subsidize what they consider murder. I know the avid, reactionary pro-choicer thinks that pro-lifers are a bunch of hillbillies, and vice versa, but abortion is such a contentious issue, why the fuck is the government trying to create the maximum amount of controversy here? This should be a no-brainer, pro-choice, pro-pay-for-it-yourself.
@Spindles: I consider the Iraq War to be murder. Does that mean I should be exempt from all taxes used to pay for it?
Freeways kill thousands of people every year. Can I be exempt from taxes that fund freeway expansions?
Quite the stretch Oregometry for attempting to make a point. In my mind I have I-5 and 205 smooshing East Portland in a RAGE SMASH.
How about the federal income tax must be abolished all together? It was ratified under dubious circumstances, months after the Federal Reserve act was passed, and is unconstitutional. It's un-equitably apportioned, there is zero transparency in how it's spent, and there is no representation. The supreme court has even ruled that the definition of 'income' is not personal wages or labor, but is derived from corporate activity.The truth is that not a dime of your the federal income tax goes toward funding benevolent social services. It strictly pays the interest on the debt accrued by the government to the private, for-profit central bank who buys treasuries with money they create out of thin air. Which in turn goes to pay for the bloated war machine. And when that's not even enough, the secret government can simply steal it from any government agency legally, according to the CIA act of 1947. Maybe the 2.3 trillion that went missing from the pentagon is under the couch cushions? Who knows, that story got kinda buried the day after Rumsfeld announced it in a press conference on 9-10-01.…
But Spindles, you're ignoring the quite simple fact that it was created in response to the abolition of a wide array of import taxes and tariffs. Are we going to put those back in? With our strong and growing manufacturing sector, that ought to put us in a great position in the global economy!
This system we've been in for close to 100 years (privatizing the money supply) now has proven to be a total failure. Not just because of petty corruption at the top, but because the global financial system is basically a ponzi scheme. The house of card is finally collapsing now, and has been propped up for so long there's virtually no solution that won't result in a lot of suffering. The real question is can humanity create a new paradigm that doesn't repeat the same mistakes and grant more power to the same players that rigged the game in the first place.
I guess Tom Hughes people sent the most bullets with U R Next scrawled on them.