A List of the 100 Programs Republicans Want to Abolish or Cut


Reduce the workforce through attrition? Because you're going to quit your government job with a pension to go into the *booming* job market where many private companies have already frozen pay increases and anything resembling a pension (like 401k matching) since 2008? Good luck with that.

Some of these programs-- like Essential Air Service-- (and probably many others not listed) are probably worth abolishing or cutting. But I don't think these guys have ever played much Civ, because cutting too much of our tech and cultural spending isn't going to help. How are we ever going to reach a Golden Age that way?
C'mon, we really NEED a mohair subsidy. Don't we?

Really, why is the minority party really getting so much press out of this?
We can also save money by never fixing anything, I'm sure that'll go well. Bridge collapse? leave it there, I'm sure the free market will build a new one and give you a handjob too.
I think the Mohair subsidy is an easy one. Amtrak though, well that'd be interesting for a number of Republicans in the NE corridor.

I think the real issue is that they refuse to touch "defense" appropriations. I suggest they keep all existing "defense" spending, but consider cutting the "offense" spending a bit. A few percent out of the military budget would cover most of the listed programs.

Why can't we just slash the defense budget? That's the most bloated piece-of-shit item.

Stimulate the economy through education, not murder.
Exactly ROM. Also, 2.3 trill huh. What ever happened to the 2.3 trill that just went missing from the pentagon in 2001? That's more money than we are indebted to China, just 'oops'- gone. I guess we have all lost money before, on our car, behind the couch, ect. That story got kinda forgotten as it was announced be Rumsfeld in a press conference 9-10-2001.
Because keeping you from getting killed by foreign enemies is the government's #1 priority.

Not that they spend it all wisely, but if you want everything it touches to be broken and destroyed, government is the man for the job.
@D: ya, all those Iraqis were AFTER ME! Glad they are dead now.

It's just an inbred industry.
Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Pentagon all need massive reductions in funding. Cutting anything else will have neglible impact.

I know, let's just borrow our way out of this! Hey Hu Jintao, I'll gladly buy you a burger tomorrow...
Actually, cutting oil industry subsidies could save us up to $35 billion. Yet not a single mention of that despite record profits.

Also, the military has a multitude wasteful, outmoded programs whose abolishment would save us crazy amounts but the Republicons would rather attack a drop in the bucket lie the Endowment for Arts.