Fertile Ground: 3 Quick Reviews


"Blogtownies" is boring. I suggest we break into several cliques or social activity groups ala THE WARRIORS. There can be the "Blogtownarounadowners," made up of the cynical snarkers (I'd probably have to be in that group); the "Blogtownareenies" (young, look good in skimpy clothing, probably, if we could figure out who they really are, and we're trying); the "Blogtownawhothehellies" (people who post once and never again, or less than once a month anyway); and last as well as least the "Spandex" (Spindles/Andy from Beaverton Conservative/Libertarian Complex).
Sorry, Alison, that was meant for the previous post, don't know how the hell that happened ... I'm usually pretty careful.
For a second there I thought i had two comments on a theater post :(
@ Alison, now you have four comments, and a nomination for Comment of the Week (Subcategory: Staff, Subcategory: Sad).

Colin's High (f)Arts Weekend Roundup: I bought two comic books and made it through twenty minutes of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
I also thought Captured by Aliens was funnier than Fall of the House, but then again I've never seen a full episode of FotH.

Seriously though, I laughed my ass off, as did my 60-year-old dad.
Captured by Aliens was fantastic. I was worried, since I've managed to miss both Fall of the House and Every Reality TV Show That Isn't Mythbusters.

Ginny's play (or paired one-acts) The Whole Entire Package was great. Everyone was likable and seemed to be having a good time, and the material was interesting without being overwrought.
I am so happy about Captured By Aliens. I have an emotionally vested interest in Meagan succeeding.

Same goes for Ginny!
See, I managed to help you guilt-trip three people into commenting on a theater post ... my FAIL has become WIN!!!
Steve Patterson's Immaterial Matters (staged reading, premiere by local playwright) was a winner for me: interesting characters, unique storyling, terrific cast. So was Camille Cettina's Mr. Darcy Dreamboat: fun, easy-to-relate to premise presented with style and an energy that got me excited to see the full show (this was just a 15-minute excerpt). Broadway Rose's Planet Eden (staged musical) displayed talent and skill, but storyline left me completely unaffected; Base Roots' Green Book (reading) had an interesting premise but presented in a way-too-expository manner for me to consider it compelling theatre.