Here's the Map for the New Eastside Bike Route


What is the point of making improvements to 57th between Woodstock and Woodward? There's already bike lanes three blocks away. If they just get the blocks between Foster and Powell ironed out, everything should be fine.
my biggest beef with this style of bicycle route is that they seem to play to the convenience of existing motor-vehicle based routes, and have seemingly little to no regard to topography! Every time I see cyclists churning up and down the hills on harrison/lincoln or clinton between ladd's and 50th, I shake my head, as if you follow (albeit slightly less straight-forward) SE Grant is nearly flat the ENTIRE WAY.
I've been noticing with the new stop signs that you can run a car 8 MPH faster down the bike routes than the calmed arterials now. The directional signs are also better on the bike routes. I was lost around Milwaukie today until I found bike signs to where I was going.
How about good a NE/SE route close-in. Like where people live who actually ride their bikes a lot and there is actually something to ride to? The few through streets that aren't cut off by the freeway, parks, cemeteries, etc. are narrow and dangerous.
@Beer Batter: I was just about to say that!! I have to go about 15 blocks out of my way to find a safe route to SE (I live in close-in NE). The crossings that are close-in are terrible; not only dangerous because of layout/structure but they also seem to be consistently covered with debris. So if I want to go to Food Fight (STOP MAKING FUN OF ME) I take the 21st ave crossing, which is pretty silly.