Report: Chasse Cop "Out of Policy" in Road-Rage Incident


cocaine. it's a hell of a drug.
just looking at the captioned picture of Nice, one immediately sees he's a sourpuss that's on the verge of a homicidal rage, just waiting to burst forth at the slightest's no wonder he stomp James Chasse to death thinking the poor man had merely pissed on the evidence was ever offered that Chasse had indeed pee'd on said sidewalk, just that Nuttier-in-Charge THOUGHT he had...why is this ass still wearing a badge and carrying a gun????...he ought to be fired and forced to go home to Washington County and look for a new job with City of Beaverton, who you'll recall proudly hired another PPB reject...Jason Sery...brothers of a feather can then flock together!
Just looking at Bad Robot's quasi-literate diatribe, one immediately sees that he's a manic-depressive that's on the verge of yet another bout of logorrhea, just waiting to burst forth at the slightest mention of the's no wonder he fails to have an original thought on any evidence of any education or erudition has been brought forth, just that Stupider-in-Stupidest THOUGHT he had...why is this ass still allowed to touch computers and use the internet????...he ought to be gently removed from public discourse and taken back to the small town he grew up in and knock up his high school sweet heart, who you'll recall proudly blew the entire football team...and the basketball team...brothers of a sports team can mix their metaphors!
Wow, @Graham, FTW.

Though I would agree Nice shouldn't be wearing a badge and/or carrying a gun. If I am acting aggressively toward you, then draw a sidearm the issue of whether I actually pointed it at you or not becomes sort of a trivial distinction. The snippets of the report offered here seem to minimize the incident, which is to be expected, I suppose.
something occurred to me while reading Graham's diatribe and that is that he doesn't follow the rules in that his commentary has nothing whatsoever to do with Sgt. Kyle Nice and the story's nothing but a childish stab-in-the-dark against me (Bad Robot) and seeing he feels his comments are so important, I thought I'd offer a really good suggestion>>>why doesn't Graham start his own blog page where he can write all the crap he can--to his heart's content--and those who wish to read his thoughts (if their are any...?) can read all the want. However, if he's going to stay here writing rant 'n' rave Hit 'n' Run pieces, the least we can do is hold him to the rules...