Who Do You Tip: Tupac or Biggie?


When my kids were younger & still did the trick or treat thing, on election years they would each go with two bags. One marked republican candidate & one for the democratic candidate. If anyone asked they would say it was for a school project, but it was really just to get extra candy. It worked great, except for the time a drunk guy spit out his crewed up snickers in a bag for gw bush.
Why do I have to be Mr Brown? It sounds like Mr Shit.
Oh FFS Biggie Smalls, people! COME ON.

Tupac is West Coast. I have to go with him. When they said, "Diego to the bay" they meant Elliot Bay to include all of the west coast, right?

Regardless, Puff Daddy is annoying enough that I'll go with Tupac.
@ C&B: THANK YOU. That's what my mind screamed when I saw this.