Redux: Ummm?!?


Would like to see a larger version, myself.

re: previous comment thread - lotta concern trolling all up ins. Color didn't even occur to me, as I figured what was being parodied was the almost immediate amnesia in regards to the casual use of gun metaphor, especially in the face of how big a deal it was just about 3 weeks ago, post-Arizona.

At least that's where I thought the joke was going. That and the fact beauty pageants are fucking ridiculous in general.

Anyway, yeah, a larger version of this would be cool. :)
WHITE PEOPLE! So Fergie (people should call you that if they don't already do so) is not a racist; well that's the end of that

@blogtown We need more color blind people like bobby and less people blinded by color

(That last statement was meant without any irony whatsoever)
@ BOBBY Done!
@SC. Wrong. Obviously only a hella racist would try and prove they weren't a racist.
@JAxaneveba9Um2tr No, a hella racists would have said something about having lots of black friends or something

Also, the parody would have been funnier if they were all in blackface
Stage right? Fuck you, Ferguson. I am FUNNY.
I find this offensive. (OFFENSIVELY AWESOME)
Thongs in Mid February? OH NO YOU DI-IINT!
Why is one of them talking on a phone? Did they run out of guns in the prop department?
'Racist' is generally taken to mean demeaning or insulting to a particular skin color. Therefore, your assertions are racist.
Which one is WSH?
Nah D that's the definition of "prejudiced". "Racist" is when you advance racial power politics. That's why we have two words. It's prejudiced to say "upper class white people are all racists." It's racist to say "the US government shouldn't waste money on black people."

Because of America's history prejudiced statements against colored people by whites are inherently racist. These statements perpetuate America's racist division of wealth and power.

The words "generally taken to mean" cause problems in discussions of racism when you leave out " . . . by a room full of racists . . . ".
As a super-mega-hyper-ultra racist like you, KKKourtney, I appreciate the racial purity of this photo!

And also: marry, kill, boff, boff, kill, marry, marry, boff, kill, kill, boff.
OBOMA IS A MUSLIN!!!!!!1!!!!1!!
OK, I must admit that's a pretty hot group of young white women. We're sure this whole "Mercury" scam isn't just some big Mormon polygamist cult in disguise?
@Todd. I’ll give you the pistol packer bottom left but other than that. Ummm. Really? Not so much.
@TSW. Is that clockwise from the left? Please clarify.
from the left, yes.
boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff, boff.
Miss Green Dress = Best in show
Oh come on: let's name some names here, eh?
This thread has come full circle from "racist" to actually sexist

Ok, I give you much credit but you have'nt redeemed yourself in my eyes until you put up a large billboard, with the ladies in black cocktail dresses. (Um, please?)
Can I use this as the cover photo for a Brown Coat dating site ?

I think I bid $50 for the lot.

It is amazing how many of these women are now married with babies.

Wow that photo was from back in the days when you had the "rape room".