The Best of Sam Adams' Voicemail!


Remembering: Some poor human once took these calls with aplomb and politeness. Bring on the machines.

And would the Merc give Rosemary a job: perhaps the unpaid intern gig is open and she could screen your calls.
Better yet, maybe they could hire Rosemary, I mean, she could be an unpaid intern, to transcribe Sam's voicemails.
Could you please post the phone number to leave voicemails at? Then we can pick a code word for Blogtownies to use and try to work it into our message to the Mayor and you'll know it's from us. I propose the word 'spaghetti'.
Who are these people?

#7: "I'm somebody that's 60+ years old has hired and fired people and signed pay checks. Has Obama? Have you?...This isn't a great place because of you; so don't get big-headed and fat-headed about it."

#23: "I'd rather give up my civil liberties, just like I do not mind being patted down at the airport if it’s going to stop us from being killed. But, screw you. "

#24: "Hey, Sam Adams: Eat shit and die"
@Super Chundy - I think those were all Graham.
My main take away from this is that if even an halfway credible challenger shows up, Adams is going to lose the next election.

Among the kooks, there were some pretty normal-sounding people in there wondering why all we can talk about is bikes while the city goes to shit.
@Reymont FTW!

@Blabby Since there are no "halfway credible challengers" in Portland (besides Mary Volm), Sam will win. Especially, if these callers are representative of the anti-Samitic vote

My first thought was half of those were from you. And then you showed up and commented, leading me to believe more than half were from you.
@Reymont. that explains a lot. no wonder he's "hiding the truth from these good people"
Confidential to "Oct. 8 Lady": The Portland Building isn't defunct, it's defunky!
I'm with Blabby on this one. While there were definitely some (hilarious!) crazies in there, and while even some of the more rational voices weren't terribly articulate... questioning why the city seems to invest so much money in bike-related projects to the detriment of other (and one might say, more important) services IS a legitimate criticism, and should be addressed.
That one dude is right, I think Sam should stay away from interns.
Chundy has a real clear grasp of the political landscape here. Obviously.
The person who takes all these comments is the mayor's public advocate. If you have a concern or complaint or kudos, the best thing to do is just call the mayor's office (503-823-4120) and they'll either connect you to the public advocate or to the person in charge of the thing you're calling about.