Win a Pair of Brandon Roy Skullcandy Headphones!


I hope whoever wins these tonight puts them on and walks around the arena afterwords.
How long till these headphones need arthroscoptic knee surgery?
Those are awesome! Can I get a Sam Bowie set? Maybe a Zach Randolph? How about a player whose jersey isn't on the clearance rack?
Rusty! Yeah I wish that, too.
This is CRAP! By the "operatives" own admission I was the first person to find him. At 6:20pm. But upon asking him if he was the person giving away the headphones and being advised that he was, in fact, that person I was told he "wasn't allowed" to give them away "until halftime or a little before." After re-reading the story above several times I don't believe it says in there anywhere "the first person to find him/her and (gently) tap them on the shoulder and mention this contest AFTER THE GAME HAS STARTED...." A total bunch of crap. Still trying to explain to my 1o year old daughter who was with me why we won the contest but she still doesn't get the headphones for her iPod. Total CRAP!