There's Got to Be Something Better Than Popcorn


What's wrong with dried cuttlefish?
I bring in some crackers or cur up apples and a couple of those little laughing cow cheeses.

At the Sundance kabuki Theater in San Francisco they make awesome salads with blackened salmon and other stuff. Plus HAND SQUEEZED margaritas.

I always thought wasabi peas would be a good alternative.

Laughing Cow cheese is delicious, I haven't had that in forever.
Chips and Salsa. Good, home-made, warm chips and fresh salsa. I wouldn't stop eating. Followed by Haribo gummi bears.

A fruit/bread/cheese/cured meat plate would be a huge hit. I'd snarf.
Chia seeds, yep, you guessed it, from the very same Chia Plant that makes Chia Pets. Surprisingly tasty and All Omega-3'd up.
Chips might be too loud...
Been listening to SWEET CHARITY again, eh? I have it on heavy rotation too.
How about pita?

And hummus?
Another vote for wasabi peas. Dried fruit of any kind would be great. Nuts would also be excellent, though the shells would get everywhere.

Finger food like chips-and-dip, nachos, or hummus plates would be ideal.

And there's nothing wrong with dried cuttlefish.
Hummus + pita is NOT a creative solution to this problem, or any snacking problem, ever.

Then again my home movie snacking is usually tortilla + least-revolting combo from any open condiment jars, so, whatever. I wish movie theaters had more popcorn topping options. Different spice combos and some hot sauce, maybe. And I want that shit at the source, so I don't have to keep re-upping mid movie.

Seconded on dried fruit, thirded on wasabi peas or wasabi anythings.
Yeah, I can't really go back to movie popcorn without complimentary cheese powder (look, it was Wisconsin).

I like to smuggle in those Trader Joe's sushi boxes.
Kvas is actually a fermented BEET drink.
I think I'll stick with popcorn anyway.
Edamame, served warm with salt. And it's quiet to eat, too.

At home when I'm alone I like to crack sunflower seeds, but I imagine I'd end up getting shot eating these in a movie theatre with others.
@Beer Batter (#12): Kvass is a feremented bread drink with an alcohol content of typically less than 1%. Sometimes flavored with herbs or fruit. You can buy commercial versions, but homemade is better.
Living Room is cost-prohibitve???? Have you ever been there on a Monday or Tuesday? It's only $5.00 and their lunch specials are only $6.00 with a drink. That's better than a food cart.

I want some Iwshi Senbei.
I've smuggled in Teriyaki chicken/rice/salad. It's not unnoticeable tho, it smells YUMMY.
@ krazy, I guess you're right. But there is a Beet Kvass too. I guess it was the only kvass I'd heard about until now.