Like the Book of Revelation, with More Breasts


Their font choice alone makes this a better film than Avatar.
The worst thing about this is the continued use of the four point ellipses.
Which local cineplex, mega-church basement or Droid phone is showing this? I think that's my Uncle Lucius playing the J-Bot, and my dad really wants to talk to him.
Yes, yes, YES, Book of Revelation, singular, gold star for the day!

Pity they couldn't afford to hire G. Gordon Liddy to play Jeeze. I would've definitely watched that for longer that the minute forty-eight that I made it through this.
Come on, more enthusiasm, we all know we all want to watch this movie, and the 7 sequels...and if it`s not asking too much, a Comic Book Series.
Please dolphins, save us from middle-aged-out-of-shape-but-still-insists-on-wearing-sleeveless-shirts-former-drug-addict-zombie-robot-Jesus! His hand glows! GLOWS!!!!
How do you think they advertised for the female roles? "We're filming a pro-Jesus Christian film, and need some hot chicks willing to have their boobies out constantly."