Here is Why Cutting Birth Control Funding is a Very Bad Idea


What about: less birth control means more Democrats? Think about it...
Every Republican policy related to abortion and family planning is predicated on the idea that women should be punished for having sex. Once you understand that, every single one of their policies makes sense.
I'm much more comfortable with smirk procreating than WSH.
Hmm. That sounds suspiciously like reasoning. If it's not an emotional tag line of less than 5 syllables, you've lost them.

Remember: reason < EMOTION.
Once there was a communist dictator who in 1966 banned birth control in his country. When the little unwanted bastards grew up they over threw Nicolae Ceauşescu's government and used bullets to chop him and his wife into little pieces.

The US violent crime drop in the Clinton years also correlates with the drop in unwanted bastards due to available birth control.
I think Lindy is pregnant but I am afraid to ask her because she might just be well fed...
I thought Republicans claim to be the party that wants government to "stop middling in the lives of the public".
More people, just means I'll be even more alone, sigh...
@econoline shut up please.

@davej Please do not shut up. You are exactly right.
@ahayron: never heard of rebelling against your parents?

@bigfootdude: meddling

@sarah: glad you're getting laid!
I like to think that reason #4 is was written in real-time. As in: "...since I started writing this article,"
"4. If there wasn't free birth control, I would definitely be pregnant by.........NOW."
Man, what *is* it with the GOP? These people just cannot deal with the fact that the rest of us like to fuck. Talk about championship hang-ups...