Beck's War on Google


I wonder how much Glen Beck and FoxNews got for this 9 minute ad for Google.

I think he at least deserves a CR-48 with a custom red, white, and blue eagle paint job.
That is the longest I've ever watched Glen Beck speak. Aside from his subject matter, he's so fucking smug. I don't see how anyone, even his supporters, can deal with his mannerisms.
This is why I use AltaVista.
Becky boy is a shill most of the time, but he's spot on with this. Google has long standing ties with the NSA, and intelligence agency's. He makes a good point about Soros too, who's such a creepy, malevolent customer anyone connected to him should be viewed with extreme suspicion.…
Pretty hilarious. I think what he is saying is that since Google is not hard right, they are by definition hard left. As for Soros, where are the hard right US billionaires giving money for development programs in countries that need it (hey how about cities here that need it)? We'll see if his I'm not a conspiracy theorist conspiracy theory gains traction in the right-o-sphere.
hhhhmm...he's saying batshit crazy stuff, but he's wearing GLASSES!! How could someone wearing glasses be batshit crazy? HOW?!
So by virtue of the fact that you have to watch Glenn Beck via cable, it's possible, if not already being done (I dunno for sure...haven't Googled it yet), that the cable company knows what you're watching at all times.

Oooooh, spooky! Creepy! Seriously, who gives rats ass what this clown thinks. Glenn Beck is just a tool, making millions off all the idiots in this country who fall for his conspiracy theory crap. Wonder what he's got to say about Halliburton?
Awesome Glenn, now explain to Us once again the choo choo Logic.
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