Good Afternoon, Escalator News!


Age 6 or so during New York visit: shoelace stuck in escalator at World Trade Center for what probably wasn't any more than 20 absolutely terrifying seconds.
When I was 8 or 9 I got kicked out of Pioneer Place for walking down the up escalator. I only did it because my friends did, but they didn't get in trouble. I had to wait outside for them. It was terrible.
I once saw a broken escalator, with a sign on it saying "Temporarily Stairs, Sorry for the Convenience."
Wow, thanks for the unattributed Mitch Hedburg plagiarism.
I once had to go down a escalator that was way too fast...wooooaaa.
In Europe once I rode on an escalator the started out flat for several "meters" before beginning to rise. How did the "Olde Worlde" discover this amazing "escalator ... eventually" technology before we did?
the = that

way to fuck up an AMAZING story
Newton dropped an apple, whereas Kyle here apparently dropped acid. Before he dropped himself.

At 16 my friends and I would slide between the up/down escalators, a thin "slide" that back in the day was unobstructed (They all are now, I look for the opportunity to revisit my youth). We'd slide down and tap people on the way. Let me save you all the time...yes, we were dicks.
Going down an escalator in Vancouver, BC that has a far steeper incline than the average. By jo that shit was scary.
Wow. "Kyle" just explained Darwin's theory of evolution perfectly. Survival of the fittest, baby.