Here's What Will Happen If We Cut Birth Control Funding in Oregon


Of these new enemies, who are physically the strongest? The blue, orange, or yellow pregnant women? They are all scary.
Which type will make the best mindless christian robot?
Like the scratchy background. Adds to the sense of unease. What is that, Scrappers' kitchen cutting board?
What happens in the other 2000 pregnancies? That's a lot of fetuses unaccounted for.
Preventative care services are also cut under this bill. Planned Parenthood and other federally funded clinics are often the ONLY place where women have access to screenings for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and STDs. What's that gonna cost?
I get kinda riled about this, because these kinds of preventative care services are incredibly and undeniably cost-saving and life-saving.
Actually, no, it's not time to freak out. This happens every time one house of congress comes under control of the opposing party... In order to become law, this still has to get by the Senate, and Obama's pen, neither of which is going to happen. Same goes for the CPB legislation everyone freaked out about earlier in the week. Y'all need to revisit your Schoolhouse Rock...

I will say, though - and I'm speaking as an illustrator here - that that is the best pregnancy graphic ever!
What *is* freakoutable is what's happening at the state level with public employee unions in WI and OH...
Rally to support Planned Parenthood and Birth Control. - Monday 5-6PM Feb 21st. at Planned Parenthood Center at 3727 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. in Portland - This is a well needed story, but reader comments are much less important than actually doing something to protect women's reproductive rights. Note that this is a war on women. The congress is not acting swiftly to cut taxpayer funding for viagra.
Very few Republicans actually give a fuck about actually preventing or reducing the number abortions. Their real interest appears to be finding the best levers for inflicting their prudish sexual morality on as many heathens as possible. Their legislative agenda strongly evidences this, at any rate.
So hey here's my opinions/questions:

First i have to ask Sisya, where do you warrant your argument that Federal Aid is the only thing keeping these facilities open, as i was aware there is state aid as well. Secondly, the federally funded ones are the ONLY ones that have testing centers? It seems to me you are looking at this very superficially by saying that the only funding that any of these places get is Federal.

My second question to you all: Where would you want them to cut instead? Boehner has specifically said that in order for him to open proceedings on the entire federal budget, spending MUST be cut. So if its not cut, Boehner will delay the budget for at least a week, and the USFG will have no spending power. Hmmm, they wont be able to fund anything now.
So the next logical place, if we cant cut PP, would be our social welfare programs and education. Let me remind you all that these programs include: Food Stamps, Energy Assistance, Medicaid, and TANF. So now programs that directly help people to SURVIVE will now be cut, and they will not be able to make ends meet and homeless rates will skyrocket. So survivability vs birth control funding, pretty obvious choice of what we should do in my opinion. Second, GOP always wants education spending cuts, whether it be extra curricular or freezing teacher hiring (Wisconsin) if they cut these programs students wont have a complete and quality education, and all sex ed classes would be cut because they are not a grad requirement.
So where do you all want this money to come from? Remember we will still have State funded facilities for "accidental pregnancies"
@ Rational Thinker: First, why are you starting from the premise that it is okay for the government to be held hostage by Speaker Boeher's grandstanding on the budget? Second, aren't there other options for cutting funding than the ones you laid out? These issues deserve real thought, discussion and compromise. We are not meant to be a nation ruled by a mob mentality. The checks and balances built into our nation's system of government are meant to avoid tyranny by an all-powerful executive and by the majority. Ultimately, this system requires compromise to work. I don't disagree that there are real and hard questions about how to handle the nation's budget issues, but I do disagree with your assertions as to what is or is not logical in approaching these issues. Speaker Boehner's tactics are not logical or thoughtful and should not be allowed to rule the day. A position of "It's my way or we'll shut down the government" is not good governance. Real progress on our budget and deficit will require looking at both spending and tax policies. But, if we're going to discuss options for cutting funding. How about consideration of spending cuts for some farm subsidies (especially those that go to agribusiness), oil and gas and clean coal technology programs at the Department of Energy and Department of Interior, flood insurance for people who rebuild over and over again in floodplains, and Department of Commerce, Department of State and other federal programs that are available to help US businesses do business overseas? And, if our government is going to seriously consider cutting (if not eliminating) vital health care services in this country, how about some consideration for prohibiting federal funding to pay for Viagra and similar medications? My ultimate point is simply this - our country needs difficult decisions to be made by thoughtful people who are looking at all of the facts and all of the options. I don't believe that the proposal to cut funding for Planned Parenthood is a thoughtful decision made after such a process. I think it is a politically motivated shot across the bow of an organization that provides important health care services to many people throughout the country. I demand more from my government. Sadly, I'm often disappointed.