"Women's Healthcare is Under Attack! What Do We Do? Stand Up, Fight Back!"


Will wonders never cease?
I usually visit blogtown for a laugh, and here I am moved to tears. Thanks Smirk, nice to have a little dose of community power.
Great photos of a great rally. Wish I'd been there.
the energy was incredible. And every honk brought cheers and a smile to your face! So glad I was able to see so many people together for one cause. The pictures only share so much!
The Republicants are also trying to cut a host of preventative health care--not just the birth control. Millions of Americans will lose access to basic wellness services, screenings for cervical cancer, breast cancer, STIs and more.
Sarah, thanks so much for posting this, and thanks to everyone who turned out to support Planned Parenthood! All of us here are so grateful for the support and the enthusiasm--it's exactly the message that we need to send to our lawmakers!
If you missed the rally yesterday, there will also be another one this Friday (February 25) from 4 - 6 to counter the anti-choice protesters who dominate the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood every Friday.
I can't believe the sign didn't say "Keep Boehner out of my uterus!"
It was an incredibly exhilirating and empowering rally. Anyone who didn't make should try to make it out to another!!