Longer Transfers on TriMet? Maaaaaybe...


When will TriMet start using ORCA?

Anyway, TriMet should really consider (1) "OWL" fare, i.e. any transfer valid through any time after 9 p.m. would be good until the first scheduled trip of the following service day; (2) all-zone single fare good as an all-day pass on Sundays and all statutory holidays; (3) no fares collected or enforced on snow or ice days when significant delays and snow routes are in place.
Another thing I want to see: Make the entirety of the Zone 1 into Free Rail Zone, in preparation for the opening of the Streetcar Eastside extension. Along with it, move the Washington Park MAX station to Zone 2, which would allow Washington County residents to visit the zoo and arboretum for $2.05 instead of $2.35 - while also deflecting security concerns at the dimly lit underground station.
Wow! Electronic cards/transfers! Slow down there, Mary! This isn't Hong Kong or New York in the early 1990s.
We need to get on board with electronic cards. I can't believe how far behind we are on so much of this stuff, yet we continue patting ourselves on the back for our exemplary transit system.

I think they tried that pay your distance thing like 20 years ago. They even had machines by the back door so you could get on either one. If I remember correctly, the machines would eat up more than they were supposed to of your ticket so they took them out. Anyone else recall more?
Hold your horses with the electronic cards! Trimet can't get ticket machines working on Max platforms. Why don't we let them fix that before we put rechargeable $20 cards in their hands?

I'm all for longer transfer times or free after 7. Often I will weigh parking costs against the cost of a round trip fare.
TriMet's Carolyn Young told me a few months ago that the soonest TriMet is budgeted to change to electronic farecards is, if I recall correctly, 2018. Might be a moving target, though.